TITLE CHARGES (Effective as of 01/21/2019)
Departmental Searches (Residential)$500-600
Departmental Searches (Commercial) $600-800
Municipal FeesVary
Bankruptcy Search (per name)$30
Patriot Search (per name)$30
Survey Inspection $125
Recording Service Charge (does not include recording fees and/or tax map verification fees charged by the applicable county)$25 per document
Survey New At cost from surveyor
Escrow Service Charge (per escrow)$50
ACRIS Prep$250
Transfer Docs Prep (Nassau, Suffolk, Upstate)$150
Westchester Transfer Docs Prep$175
Franchise Tax Search$75
Articles of Organization / certificate of inspection (NYS)$125
UCC search (per jurisdiction)$60
Certificate of Good Standing$150
Title Continuation Fee (if more than 1)$40
Tax Continuation Fee (if more than 1)$10
Courier Fee$20-50
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