Some Important Points To Know About Title Insurance

Some Important Points To Know About Title Insurance
  • A premium is paid only once, customarily at time of closing
  • Coverage for risks occurring prior to policy date
  • Coverage in force from policy date until sold
  • Full value of mortgage for lender
  • Full value of purchase price for buyer
  • Can be increased in value later

Settlement Services

The main purpose of title insurance is risk avoidance. American Homes Title Agency examines all state, county, and local records with great care to search for and cure possible defects in title. Title insurance insures against things that have occurred prior to the issuance of the policy.

We provide expert services to complete a sale of property, foreclosure of property, construction loan or refinance. Working in partnership with the realtor, lender and borrower, American Homes Title Agency will utilize their expertise to coordinate the transaction in a professional and smooth manner.